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Jetoi, field worker for ASF surrounded by men of a village. Around Muzzafar Garh, Pakistan-2009
Jatoi, field officer at Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan, is in a village around Muzzafar Garh : he's explaining at villagers than Hassan (young boy at the left) must go to Islamabad to be assess by a burn team came from  UK. All through years on the field, Jatoi got the trust of the acid survivors. But more difficult has been to get the trust of men of the villages,  whose agreement is essential so that victims can travel to islamabad to be treated. Men are always reluctant letting a woman travelled without her husbanb, brother or son, always reluctant letting a woman talked with another man. In this area of Punjab, the role of women is lived inside the 4 walls of a house..When a woman is unable to cook, to take care of the house, unable to assume her role as a woman, she becomes useless. She can be considered as a burden for the family. A useless mouth to feed-2009