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Durjoy assessing by Dr Ron Hiles. Acid Survivors Foundation center, Dhaka, Bangladesh-2009
Durjoy is assessing by Dr Ron Hiles, a volunteer plastic surgeon. At just 6 weeks of age Durjoy was fed acid by his aunt after she feared that she would lose an inheritance to the baby. Durjoy's parents took him to the nearest health complex, the district hospital and the divisional hospital where no one was able to help him. The acid caused such damage that his neck was fused to his chest, his lips and mouth were severely burnt, and he could only be drip-fed. Acid Survivors Foundation in Dhaka came to hear about Durjoy and saved his life. A volunteer plastic surgeon Dr Ron Hiles operated the little boy at the ASF hospital and the organisation arranged for him to be taken to Hong Kong for further surgery. .Dhaka, Bangladesh - 2009