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Dr Imtiaz assessing Lucky. Acid Survivors Foundation center, Dhaka, Bangladesh-2009
Dr Imtiaz who has been working at Acid Survivors Foundation since the beginning, is assessing a young woman, Lucky, who has been attacked by acid. About the level of acid violence in Bangladesh, Dr Imtiaz says : "It has decreased a lot. But the difference is that in some cases the injuries are much more extensive than earlier. It is all pre-planned with masterminds behind and the quantity of acid used is much more. The amount of patients has decreased but the amount of injury incurred has increased".."You saw some patients at the assessments with all of their backs burnt. It is not 20 miller litres of acid that is thrown on the victim, it is one, two, three litters of acid that they use! This is going up"..Dhaka, Bangladesh - 2009