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Naieema, acid victim, and her daughter. Around Muzzafar Garh, Pakistan-2009
Naieema, (blurred, right), was attacked in 2008 by the jealous first wife of her second husband. Her face, back, right arm and chest are so severaly burnt than her furure is in jeopardy. She tells : « i slept when i felt something hot over my body. The following is nothing other than ininterrupted pain ». One of her daughter, Samina (photo), 5 years old, came with her mother at Acid Survivors Foudation Pakistan center, in Islamabad, where they received a psychological support. Unfortunately, her second daughter, 3 years old, could not follow her mother (for unknown reason). Today, the child is too terryfied by her mother' scars to be with her. Around Muzzafar Garh, Pakistan-2009