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Iqbal, acid victim, on the phone. Around Muzzafar Garh, Pakistan-2009
Iqbal, a professional dancer, refused a sexual relationship with another man. This one, offended, decided to get his revenge. Iqbal was 15 years old when the attack occured in 2003. His face was so destroyed than eating was agony : acid melted his lips and his neck. His eyes were touched and left him blind. Locked at home, he endured the suffering, with no hope of a surgery because of the poverty of his family. 5 years later, Jatoi, a field officer at the NGO Acid Survivors Foudation in Pakistan, discovers him and takes him to Islamabad where skin graft are carried out and allow him to eat and drink with less pain. .Human being is able to bear much suffering, starvation, pain, days after days, and for all that, finds the strength each morning to put feet on floor and stands. Hassan is a tribute to this strength. He goes on with his life today and take a bus on his own, without any hesitation. Around Muzzafar Garh, Pakistan-2009