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Dressing on a wounded back. Acid Survivors Foundation center, Dhaka, Bangladesh-2009
Kakalie, a nurse at the Acid Survivors Foundation, is putting a new dressing on a back of an acid victime. Dhaka.  Doctor Imtiaz, who has been working at Acid Survivors Foundation since the beginning, explains : "The physical condition, it's itching, itching in the night. Every time this reminds you that you were attacked by acid. You can talk to survivors working here - it itches everywhere. Normal skin itches anyway, it is worse for burnt skin. In the summer heat it is very difficult. In villages there is not always electricity for fans, so that is a horrible situation. We keep patients here sometimes during the hot months. One person had 65% acid burn and it was a miracle that he survived. He was praying to us not to send him to his house because of the unbearable heat. This is the reality waiting for them after surgery »..Bangladesh - 2009